Monday, October 13, 2014

Anyonyam- "Aave Meera"

Anyonyam - Aave Meera Poster
Poster Design 

'Aave Meera'

'Aave Meera - Interview with writer of Arachar; 2014th Vayalar Award winner K R Meera'
Interview / 30MM / Malayalam
Kairali-People TV / Monday 8.30 PM

Anchor: N P Chandrasekharan
Producer: Sajitha Gopi
Cast: K R Meera
Online Edit: 
Edit: Manoj M Nair
Audio: Abin Tony
Design & Promo: Rahul Kallada
Graphics: Kiran Govind, Saju Poozhikunnu & Anish Ponnani

Make Up: Arun Kizhakkanela

Sunday, February 16, 2014

500 Days of Summer

500 Days Of Summer
Conceptual Design

Rishu & Paru Celebrating 500 Days of Summer - The Joy of Happiness & Love

On this Valentina's Day. I made an Art of our loveable life moments to make her very pretty day.
The gift of my valentine Parukutty . Love You.

Friday, January 31, 2014

Kerala Express - Jeevikkunnavarude Mortuary

Kerala Express - Jeevikkunnavarude Mortuary
Poster Design 

Kerala Express
'Jeevikkunnavarude Mortuary'

Story of A Man of unknown and unidentified dead bodies close friend.
Documentary / 30MM / Malayalam
Kairali-People TV / Sunday 10 PM

Producer, Script & Anchor: Biju Muthathi
Edit: Renjith Kalai
BGM: Abin Tony
Design & Promo: Rishu Kallada
Graphics: Kiran Govind, Saju Poozhikunnu, Anish Ponnani